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DCI-07 - The Power of Parallel Thinking

Parallel Thinking
Parallel Thinking Changes the Way You Think

Coined by Edward de Bono, Parallel Thinking is a fundamental shift in the way we think, that is the process of thinking we choose to use, and it gives us a significantly more effective, collaborative and creative process for Critical Thinking that anyone can learn and use easily.

  • 3 videos totalling 33 mins
  • Reactive vs directed thinking,
  • Principles and tools for parallel thinking
  • Intro to Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats
  • Other tools for Parallel Thinking
  • Exercise – Using a parallel thinking tool

Edward de Bono's Six Thinking is perhaps the best known tool for Parallel Thinking, but there are many other ways to apply this simple approach to critical thinking that will save you hours in ineffective meetings and help you make dramatically better decisions - faster. Start here and then learn more about Six Thinking Hats in DCI-08.

Price: AU$27.23
Inc GST Price: AU$29.95