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DCI-10 - Creative Ideation 2

Creative Idea Generation
Creative Idea Generation for Innovative Design

Often just brainstorming ideas or using lateral thinking is enough to get you started, but not always.  There are a wide range of critical thinking techniques available for the generation of more 'designed' ideas.  This module looks a a couple that are fantastic for new product or service development, and well as the innovative rethinking of older ideas

  • 3 videos totalling 36 mins
  • SCAMMPERR building on the Creative Problem Solving questioning approach
  • Idea Box for inventive thinking and new product or service design
  • Exercise – Ideation using a couple of new tools

If you really want ideas that are not only creative but useful as well the techniques discussed in this module will get you started.

Price: AU$27.23
Inc GST Price: AU$29.95