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Deliberate Creativity & Innovation Online - SPECIAL OFFER

Deliberate Creativity and Innovation
COMPLETE SET of eModules for Only $198 - save $131

The Deliberate Creativity & Innovation Online program is now available as a complete set.  Normally it can be taken as a Fully Facilitated program, or you can take each eModule individually.  You can get immediate access to ALL the programs eModules (unfacilitated) for one low price of only $198 AUD

Buy the complete set now and save $131 - Full Price is normally $329 if eModules are taken individually.  So for only $198 you get immediate access to more than 10 hours of video material, audio information, downloadable workshop notes, templates, references card, links and more...

The Deliberate Creativity & Innovation eModules you get include:

  • DCI-00 Program Overview
  • DCI-01 Course Intro
  • DCI-02 Deliberate Creative Thinking
  • DCI-03 Opportunity & Focus
  • DCI-04 Imagineering
  • DCI-05 Mind Mapping
  • DCI-06 Organisational Innovation
  • DCI-07 The Power of Parallel Thinking
  • DCI-08 Six Thinking Hats
  • DCI-09 Ideation One
  • DCI-10 Ideation Two
  • DCI-11 Harvesting, Design & Implementation
  • DCI-12 Innovative Organisations

For more information on these, see an outline of each eModule now.

Get started now...

Price: AU$180.00
Inc GST Price: AU$198.00