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Deliberate Creativity & Innovation Pocket Card - 5 Pack

Deliberate Creativity & Innovation Pocket Card - 5 Pack
Creativity and Innovation at your fingertips

This 8-page pocket size reference card gives you full instructions on the practical application of the Mindwerx divergent - convergent Deliberate Creativity & Innovation process

Also includes guidance on using Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats for Creative Problem Solving, as well as tips on Facilitating highly effective meeting.

Buy as a single item, in a pack of 5 with business card size Six Thinking Hats cards, or bundled with note-pads and 4-colour pens.

This is everything you need to make your critical thinking process and meetings more effective, particularly after you particpate in Mindwerx Deliberate Creativity & Innovation Online eModules.

Buy this pack of pocket cards for your team now.

Price: AU$15.00
Inc GST Price: AU$16.50