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eBook - The North End Years by Bill Jarrard

The North End Years by Bill Jarrard
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"Transport yourself to a different time and way of being, learn the lessons of slowing down, enjoying the seasons, the joy of play and the reflection of how values and Really Important things in life come into being."
Vanda North, International Speaker, Author, Mind Chi


These are the stories of a boy growing up in the North End of Winnipeg Canada, but it could have been any Canadian or American city or town, or for that matter anyplace in Australia, Britain and elsewhere.

Bill shares his journey with us in two voices, one when he was seven to ten years old, and as an adult now remembering back those many years.  He tells us his stories and the lessons he learnt in those most formative years in a way that reminds us of our own childhood.

Here you will find stories of friendships, love, death, family, fantasy, fear, courage and most of all adventure.  Through his words and images we relive those wondrous years, and are shown some valuable lessons in living and learning from a boy's life.


Formatted as a PDF download and ideal for reading on your iPad and other tablets.


"Bill Jarrard is a great Mind Mapper, a great teacher, a great friend, and a great story teller.  This is a story from Bill's fascinating, moving and heart-warming life.  It's the greatest story he's told.  So far!... Tony Buzan, International Best Selling Author


"You are the sum total of your experiences recorded and stored in memories. They should be maintained by regular revisits as they are an invaluable source of comfort especially in the autumn of one’s life.  Bill’s stories in this wonderful book help us to remember this important lesson.“
Dominic O’Brien Eight times World Memory Champion


After purchase you can download this eBook from your Mind Space.  Click on Manage My Account, then view file downloads, and you can download and save the eBook to your computer.  Can be printed, read on your computer and is ideally formated for iPads.  Enjoy!

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