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Mind Chi - Rewire your Brain in 8 minutes per day

Mind Chi by Vanda North and Richard Israel

by Richard Israel and Vanda North

'Mind Chi’ is your stress solution
‘Mind Chi’ is a unique program that is guaranteed to have a positive impact on your life.  It is founded on research into brain function, proven psychological processes and eighty years of research and experience by the authors: Richard Israel and Vanda North.

‘Mind Chi’ addresses the 7 key issues that Business People face.
Mind Chi directly addresses the key issues our research shows that you, the busy Business Person, want to overcome. Mind Chi is for you if you suffer from:

Mental Exhaustion / Tiredness
Stress and Burnout
Work-Life out of Balance
Un-met Goals / poor Performance
Poor Sales Results
Lack of Energy and Motivation and
Dented Self-concept.

It is also for you if you feel you need or want to do and be better.

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