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Seven Ways To Be More Cre8ive, Today! eBook

7 Ways to be More Creative by Bill Jarrard and Jennifer Goddard
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by Bill Jarrard and Jennifer Goddard

Originally written in 2001, this 76 page eBook still provides some fun and valuable insights and tools to be more creative every day. Now almost a classic.

  1. Do something different, notice what happens, and then try to see some new opportunities.
  2. Challenge the assumptions on things you now take for granted.
  3. Imagine what things would be like if everything was perfect, and then think about what needs to happen to make it so.
  4. Plan your next project, meeting or activity using a Mind Map.
  5. Do some Green Hat thinking before making a major decision.
  6. Set up a provocation using PO or Random Word to generate some creative ideas.
  7. Take action – do some Deliberate Cre8ive Thinking,™ today!

These simple methods for Deliberate Cre8ive Thinking™ will have you generating more ideas faster than you ever dreamed possible. This is creativity on demand!

‘A laugh a minute, and laughter opens the door to creativity. A delightful and worthwhile introduction to the joy of creativity. READ IT!’ TONY BUZAN, 12 JUNE 2001

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