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Six Thinking Hats Pocket Cards - 10 Pack

de Bono's Six Thinking Hats
Reference cards to make teamwork work

Edward de Bono created Six Thinking Hats as a powerful critical thinking tool to allow thinking to be done in parallel, rather than the confused way it is often done. 

Whether you are working alone or in a team Six Thinking Hats will save you lots of wasted time in meetings, make thinking more collaborative and open up creative thinking.  The problem is we sometimes forget to use the Six Thinking Hats, so these handy reference cards are the perfect tool to help you get more from your thinking.

Put the card in your wallet, top pocket or with your building access key card so it is always handy.  And if you want to know more about Six Thinking Hats have a look at our Online eModules on Parallel Thinking and Six Thinking Hats.

Buy this pack of 10 cards for your team now.

Price: AU$9.00
Inc GST Price: AU$9.90