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The Speed Reading Book

The Speed Reading Book - 2010 Edition

by Tony Buzan. Double, if not quadruple, your current reading speed!

Right now vast amounts of data are being produced and transferred around the world. Each year this equates to millions of times more than the information contained in every single book ever published.

To succeed in this age of information overload, we need to have skills that enable us to take in and assimilate a lot of information fast.

The Speed Reading Book will transform the way you read forever. Tony Buzan’s fifty years of practice and research in speed reading will give you revolutionary reading techniques that have produced some of the fastest speed readers in the world, including the current World Speed Reading Champion.

As well as dramatically improving your reading speed, you’ll think faster, more creatively and sharpen your memory.

Speed Reading will save days, weeks, and even months of your time. Ready to learn one of the most valuable organizational skills in the 21st century? Then buy this book

Read more, learn more, achieve more!

Part 1 – Discover and develop your speed reading skills
1. Reading : a new revolutionary definition
2. Controlling your eye movements
3. Getting the speed reading conditions right
4. Guiding the eyes
5. Expanding your visual power

Part 2 – Focus on core speed reading techniques
6. Super Skimming and scanning
7. Power up your paragraphs
8. Nine ways to guided speed reading
9. Accelerating your reading rhythm

Part 3 – Overcome your reading hurdles
10. Troubleshooting common reading problems
11. Improving your concentration and comprehension

Part 4 – Mastermind your speed reading skills
12. The art of previewing
13. Master your vocabulary
14. Speed and range reading for literature and poetry
15. Assimilating printed and online information

Price: AU$22.73
Inc GST Price: AU$25.00