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Online Training Programs

Deliberate Creativity & Innovation Online - SPECIAL OFFERDeliberate Creativity & Innovation Online - SPECIAL OFFER
COMPLETE SET of eModules for Only $198 - save $131

The Deliberate Creativity & Innovation Online program is now available as a complete set.  NAU$180.00

DCI-00 - Online Program OverviewDCI-00 - Online Program Overview
Learn about the Online Program eModules.  Click for Info.  No need to Add to Cart.AU$0.00
DCI-01 - Welcome & Program IntroductionDCI-01 - Welcome & Program Introduction
Fully Detailed Introduction to the ProgramAU$0.90
DCI-02 - Introduction to Deliberate Creative ThinkingDCI-02 - Introduction to Deliberate Creative Thinking
Introduction to Deliberate Creative Thinking

In this eModule you will learn that creative thinking is a deliberate skill you can learnAU$27.23

DCI-03 - Areas of Opportunity and FocusDCI-03 - Areas of Opportunity and Focus
Identify Your Areas of Opportunity and Focus

To think well you need to give your brain something worth thinking about.  Most people have a AU$27.23

DCI-04 - ImagineeringDCI-04 - Imagineering
Imagineering to bring your goals into Focus

Visualising the end goal and bringing it into reality is the essense of Imagineering.  AU$27.23

DCI-06 - Organisational Creativity and InnovationDCI-06 - Organisational Creativity and Innovation
Understanding Organisational Creativity and Innovation

The aim of creativity in business is usually to drive innovation, so in this mAU$27.23

DCI-07 - The Power of Parallel Thinking DCI-07 - The Power of Parallel Thinking
Parallel Thinking Changes the Way You Think

Coined by Edward de Bono, Parallel Thinking is a fundamental shift in the way we thAU$27.23

DCI-08 - Six Thinking HatsDCI-08 - Six Thinking Hats
Introduction to Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats®

The Six Thinking Hats approach to critical thinking provides the individual and theAU$27.23

DCI-09 Creative Ideation 1DCI-09 Creative Ideation 1
Creative Idea Generation means going beyond Brainstorming

Linus Pauling, double Nobel Laureate said 'the best way to get a good idea is to get lAU$27.23

DCI-10 - Creative Ideation 2DCI-10 - Creative Ideation 2
Creative Idea Generation for Innovative Design

Often just brainstorming ideas or using lateral thinking is enough to get you started, but not always.&nbAU$27.23

DCI-11 - Idea Harvesting, Design & ImplementationDCI-11 - Idea Harvesting, Design & Implementation
Idea Generation is one thing, but what do you do with all the Ideas

The Harvesting, Design & Implementation of ideas into achievablAU$27.23