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Speaking Insights

Insights to ACTION™

Mindwerx International founders Bill Jarrard and Jennifer Goddard are professional speakers who have addressed conferences in ten countries.

The Insights to ACTION™ sessions we offer have been delivered to more than 300 CEO, Executive and Specialist groups and have always been received with enthusiasm; primarily because of the practical but insightful way the audience is engaged.  Speaking Insights are delivered in seminar style or we can tailor it to facilitate discussion on a topic important to you.

These sessions are designed to enhance your next conference, breakfast or lunch session, or team retreat.

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Insights to ACTION™ to inspire, motivate and educate your people on the latest thinking on:


Bill Jarrard and Jennifer Goddard "Thank you again for a wonderful session. I thought your presentation style and delivery were great. The info was very valuable but presentation can make so much difference and it was so easy to stay focused on Wednesday."
Sam, Adelaide

Creativity and Innovation
  • Facilitating Cre8ive !deation is a rapid-fire overview how deliberate creative thinking can get you’re the new ideas you need, while demonstrating that Creativity is a skill that can be developed - by anyone!  We show you how to focus your creative energies when and where you want to, to have creativity on demand. This Insight creates an awareness of the power of disciplined thinking that leaves you wanting more.
  • Putting on Your Th!nking Cap is a fast paced, interactive, and entertaining look at the concept of Parallel Thinking as developed Dr Edward de Bono, and demonstrated through the use of his Six Thinking Hats®.  To make things even more exciting and valuable, we can engage Zing Technology in the presentation to have your team actually capture key issues and ideas.
  • Ideas from Nothing - I'd Like to See That! takes a lightning fast look at why people get stuck finding new ideas, and how you can break ‘Idea Block' using Dr Edward de Bono's Lateral ThinkingTM. In this fun and highly interactive Insight, you will be coming up with dozens of ideas on demand - and we'll even show you what to do with them! Be prepared to be amazed at your team’s creativity.
Whole Brain Thinking
  • Upgrade Your Neck-Top Computer looks at the nature of thinking and learning, and how to harness the Power of Your Amazing Brain. Based on the work of Tony Buzan and Ned Herrmann, this Insight looks at the Creative Associative nature of the Brain - and gives you real insight into how to study better, read faster, remember more, and manage information overload - today.
  • Mind Maps® - The Swiss Army Knife for the Brain is a quick look at Mind Maps® as developed by Tony Buzan, and used by millions to take notes, draft plans, prepare speeches, think creatively and improve memory. Ideal for students (young and old), managers, project planners, and anyone looking for a BrainFriendly way to generate ideas, organise thoughts and improve thinking.

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Call us nowSo if you are looking for a speaker, workshop leader or MC for your next conference, planning retreat or special event contact Bill Jarrard on bill[at]mindwerx[dot]com  and let's discuss how we can support you.

 Jennifer Goddard in Action


Planning a Conference or Major Staff Event?

Want to make it highly Memorable and Action Oriented so everyone gets long lasting benefit from it - even for people who couldn't attend?

BIIG eBookMindwerx plans, organises speaks at, facilitates and even MCs conferences and events of all types, and last year we did all that for BIIG - the Queensland Business Improvement In Government group, who we are proud to have been working with for several years now.

At that conference we worked with the great team at BIIG to plan a truly memorable conference, in which they wanted all 200+ participants actually participating.  We came up with the idea of having everyone explore and generate ideas to solve a few of the pressing issues facing the QPS, and in addition to MCing the conference we facilitated a series of short collaboration sessions using Zing Technology.

Zing allowed twenty groups of about 10 participants to brainstorm their thoughts and ideas into Zing for instant capture and review. In the process, thousands of entries were made, with many hundreds of ideas generated.

Following the workshop Mindwerx worked with the BIIG Team to produce an eReport/eBook on the conference, complete with Mind Maps of every speaker (done by Jennifer) and the key issues and ideas captured using Zing. 

And if you'd like Mindwerx to help with your next conference email bill[at]mindwerx[dot]com, We'd love to share ideas with you.

Jennifer Goddard, what can you say.  Engaging, energetic and entertaining.  She has an
incredible story to tell and provided the delegates with a few tips on improving
your memory including how to remember peoples names.  Though it was
her presentation style that has you wanting more.   From the
feedback I received from the delegates she certainly was
a real winner with all commenting on the relevance of her
presentation and tips to your work and family life.
Simply brilliant.

Vince Aisthorpe
President, Supply Chain and Logistics Assn of Australia - Qld


"As an educator, speaker and facilitator, Bill Jarrard does not lecture or teach - he shares,
by creating and maintaining a challenging and stimulating environment for learning."

Johan Kruithof, author of 'Quality Thinking, Thinking Quality'