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Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats®

The Power of Parallel Thinking

Six Thinking Hats® to Create a Culture of collaborative Creativity & Innovation


Parallel Thinking with Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats® is an easy and powerful framework that changes the way people think. Based scientificially on how the mind works Six Thinking Hats promote the kind of innovative thinking and creative problem-solving that is vital to success in today's changing world.

Six Thinking HatsDeveloped by Dr Edward de Bono the method is easy to learn and use - yet the Six Thinking Hats tool has a real and powerful effect on thinking.

You will learn to:

  • foster collaborative thinking and interaction by keeping egos and 'turf protection' in check
  • reduce the adversarial approach in all interactions
  • use several different way of thinking so that people don't get trapped by negative or critical approaches
  • develop a framework for thinking that provides a more open, creative climate for discussion
  • make time for creative thinking to develop alternative and innovative solutions
  • run more effective and productive meetings


Leading organisations around the world are now reaping the benefits generated by the Six Thinking Hats. Parallel Thinking with Six Thinking Hats allows people to:

  • be fully involved in problem solving, improvement activities and innovative thinking
  • have shorter more effective outcome oriented meetings
  • creatively solve problems and make better decisions - faster
  • analyse and manage situations more thoroughly and effectively
  • generate more innovative ideas to enhance organisational performance


This is a fast paced interactive 1-day blended in-house workshop, in which participants will:  

  • Discuss the need to change 2500 year old thinking
  • Discover the Power of Parallel Thinking to unbundled and focus thinking
  • Explore the Six Thinking Hats framework with team effectiveness
  • Learn to construct Deliberate Creative Thinking sessions using Six Thiniking Hats
  • Practice the Six Thinking Hats in a range of remote and realistic scenarios
  • Develop an ongoing learning plan to ensure ongoing skills development


Bill Jarrard of Mindwerx International, who has been using these tools for 30 years, and facilitates a program focused on the application of de Bono critical and creative thinking methods. Mindwerx also has access to instructors accredited by Dr Edward de Bono to present the official de Bono Six Thinking Hats program.

"I felt it was great, I have learnt a tool that I can not only use in my work place, but also in my own personal life." ... Steve Pellicano, Team Leader

"You can do no better than to attend a de Bono seminar" ... Tom Peters, Author, The Circle of Innovation

"The whole course was of immense value. I have read Serious Creativity, however I realise the only way to learn these tools is to do perfect practice. After this course I have the knowledge and model to do that."
... Steve Farrugia, Strategy Planning, Melbourne.

To Book or Organise this for your team

For more information on how we can tailor this progam for your team please email us at: team[at]mindwerx[dot]com.


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