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Serious Creativity

Putting Edward de Bono’s thinking tools to work, to get things done, now!   

Public Course - Melbourne 3 August 2016 BOOK NOW


Henry Ford said “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably why so few engage in it”.  The problem is most people are asked to think, but aren’t given the tools and training to do it well.  And in today’s pressurized world the demand for fast, effective, focused, creative thinking has never been more important.
de Bono's Creative Thinking Tools In his brilliant book, Edward de Bono, the world’s leading authority on thinking as a serious skill, challenges us to Think, Before It’s Too Late!   This workshop, facilitated by a Master Trainer who has used de Bono techniques for more than 25 years, shows you how to put these powerful thinking tools into use – in a wide variety of ways.

This is NOT a simple tools training course – this is an interactive facilitated workshop that gives you real skills you can use, today and every day to get things done.  Based on 25 year of actual use in hundreds of team projects and facilitations, you will learn from a master the practical and powerful ways to guide your thinking, and work collaboratively and creatively in teams. 

In this program participants will learn:

  • The brain is an associative self-patterning success system, not designed to be creative, but when trained, able to think in disciplined and creative ways
  • The vital ingredients for successful thinking without which it is impossible to be creative
  • The usefulness and power of Six Thinking Hats® de Bono’s best known framework for critical thinking
  • The secret of Lateral Thinking and how to cut across the brain’s neural pathways to generate original new ideas – on demand and where needed
  • How Direct Attention Thinking Tools add strength and depth to your thinking to speed problem solving and decision making
  • Where and how to integrate and apply thinking processes and tools for personal and business success


This workshop exposes participants to thinking tools they can use personally and in teams, where we see leading organisations reaping the benefits of critical thinking. This program allows people to:

  • be fully collaborative in team problem solving, improvement activities and innovative thinking
  • creatively solve problems and make better decisions - faster
  • analyse and manage situations more thoroughly and effectively
  • generate more innovative ideas to enhance performance

Where to?     

This Mindwerx Blended Learning Engagement includes a series of follow-up online eLessons to continue the learning journey well after the workshop. 

Presenter:      Bill Jarrard, co-founder of Mindwerx International

"The whole course was of immense value.  I have read Serious Creativity, however I realise
the only way to learn these tools is to do perfect practice.  After this course
 I have the knowledge and model to do that."  
... Steve Farrugia, Strategy Planning

To Book or Organise this for your team

For more information on how we can tailor this progam for your team please email us at: team[at]mindwerx[dot]com or call Bill direct on +61 (0)419 645 299.

Other de Bono programs to help you Think, Learn, and Innovate better.

  • Six Thinking Hats® - unleash the power of parallel thinking for team creativity
  • Lateral Thinking - creative new ideas on demand using Focus and Provovation
  • DATT - critical thinking tools that take creative problem solving to a deeper level

Serious Creativity - the Book

Want to get started even before you do the workshop?  Get the book now.


Added Note:

Edward de Bono is the world’s leading authority on creative thinking as a serious skill, and his techniques are used by organisations around the world.  From shifting 100 year old methods of mining in South Africa, to making the Olympic Games self-sufficient, to changing the way primary school children in Australia learn, de Bono’s methods have been impacting every aspect of education and business for 40 years.

At the heart of these methods is the simple premise that creativity is not an innate attribute held by the few, but is a skill that can be taught, and in which everyone can improve.  De Bono tools are easy to learn and use - yet have a real and powerful effect on thinking.

I'm looking forward to showing how I have been using these methods for more than 25 years, and how you can use them personally and in a team to really get things done.