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Teaching Others to Mind Map eCourse

Train_the_Trainer in Mind Mapping Thank you for your interest in this free eCourse on Teaching Others to Mind Map.  This is a follow-up to our How to Mind Map eCourse, and is in response to the requests by many people that enjoyed that course and now want to share Mind Maps with others.

We have found that people want to share Mind Mapping with family members, particularly the kids, work colleagues, team mates, fellow club members, and some even want to go further to work with groups training and teaching them Mind Mapping in more formal ways.

Whatever your interest our aim in this short eCourse is to present a short series of daily emails from the Buzan Centre at Mindwerx International, each with a tip on the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of teaching others to Mind Map.  And if after that you want to go further we'd be delighted to show you how to do that.

Each email will take only a few minutes to absorb but over a few days we hope you will find your ability and desire to share your Mind Mapping skills with others rising rapidly.

This will be a short introduction will give you a quick feel for the many ways Mind Maps can help you and others, and we hope it inspires you to continue your learning to learn journey as you teach others to Mind Map.

Teaching Others to Mind Map

We hope you enjoy the experience, and please let us know what you think.

Bill and Jennifer

Teach Others to Mind Map eCourse