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Our Approach

Solve a Problem. Improve a Process. Develop Winning New Strategies.
Mindwerx' Applied Creativity & Innovation approach addresses your needs.

Whether you are trying to solve a problem, improve a process, develop a winning strategy, or trying to stay ahead of the competition through innovation, the ability to develop new ideas into new and better solutions and outcomes is vital.  That is where we start – with your situation, your issue, your need, and your goals and objectives.  That is the first stage in the Mindwerx Applied Creativity & Innovation approach – to Define the Challenge.

We have worked with well over a hundred different organisations since Mindwerx started in 1998, and in every case our approach has been to first understand your needs and tailor our training programs, presentations and facilitated team activities to get you the outcomes you are after.  What’s more, we bring out the creativity in you, your people and your organisation.

Creativity means venturing away from familiar ground, sometimes into uncharted territory, with the aim of discovering something new and better. Creativity means giving people the space, time, resources, tools and skills to explore new areas of opportunity and to seek innovative new ideas and solutions.  While creativity and innovation is not the end in themselves, they are the means to the end, which is your success. 

Creativity is not wild and fluffy, it isn’t about wacky ideas, it is about seeing things in new ways, opening up new pathways, and boldly following these pathways to new and better solutions.   The Mindwerx Applied Creativity & Innovation approach ensures that exploration of a situation is broadly and openly done, ideas are generated in a wider way, so that convergent design thinking leads to better faster, more successful implementation.

As we work with you the Applied Creativity & Innovation approach is our guiding process to help you achieve success.

Above all, it is people skills that lead to true innovation and that's why wisely investing in your people is so critically important. Mindwerx introduces clients to new ways of thinking and to the benefits of innovation - the sort of innovation that promotes superior performance.

Mindwerx' offering

As a leading success story itself, Mindwerx offers customised training workshops, inspiring short presentations, and targeted consulting and facilitation services throughout the world.  Our services focus primarily on proven Applied Creativity & Innovation tools, techniques and processes, including Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking, Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping and Speed Reading, and our own proven Deliberate Creativity & Innovation Master Classes.

In 2000 Mindwerx established the Buzan Centre in Australia and New Zealand, featuring Tony Buzan's advanced learning techniques - Mind Mapping®, Range and Rapid Reading, and Mindwerx boasts Australia's only "Buzan Master Trainer."

Just as de Bono, Buzan and others were renowned innovative thinkers of their generation, Mindwerx today builds on their legacies to powerfully link creativity and innovation to your business success.

With highly qualified principals Bill Jarrard and Jennifer Goddard, Mindwerx will work with your organisation to achieve outstanding success by inspiring and developing team creativity. 

Mindwerx International. Inspiring creativity and innovation. 

Mindwerx Approach