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What others say about Mindwerx!

Mindwerx'  core business is helping people and organisations achieve success by being more creative and effective, and we very often do this through programs similar to the one we will design for you.  While each client program is uniquely tailored to your needs, we have run a number of similar programs over the last several years, and below are just some of the comments people have made following our presentations.  Many more testimonials are available!

"Very Good.  Felt the major benefit was walking away with the empowering feeling that creative thinking can be tackled in a deliberate manner.  Prior to the workshop, some may have felt that this was only in the domain of the ‘dreamy, arty’ people."  ….   Rod Chapman, Manager Information Services 

“I think last week was the beginning of something great for the company. It demonstrated the power and potential of the deliberate creative thinking techniques not only in relation to our divisional functional area but to other divisions. I see their application being of even greater benefit in exploring new products and services, and growing revenues.    …   Tony Fedorowicz, Supply Chain Manager, Orica Explosives 

 “The whole day came together well.  The computer generation was a bonus.  Your use of PowerPoint material adds to the absolute professional approach Bill and Jennifer take in putting a program together.”
…..  Peter Wells, Quality Manager

“At no time did I think you guys were earning money (which you more than did) but rather were sharing knowledge.” 
…..  Paul King, Financial Services

“Thank you for conducting the workshop, we found it very valuable and would definitely like to use you again in the future. I told a few friends from outside our company about the workshop and they also said they would keep you in mind for up and coming projects.”   
…..  Jacqui Conder, Marketing Executive

“Facilitator was very motivating and kept us informed all day.  I congratulate Bill and Jennifer.  Thank you for having me at your course.” …..   Maria Di Rago, Project Officer

“The examples were easy to understand and were practical.  The materials are easy to understand and ‘will’ be used as reference.  Group activity also promoted learning the model."…..   Anthony Camillo, Internal HRD Consultant

"Inspired to step out of my thinking pattern and that it is ok to generate ideas." 
…      Kylie Roberts, Technical Sales

"Really started the creative juices flowing – good kick start." …   Catherine Poole, Shell

"Up-beat presentation style that made one feel as though 'Yes, I can do that'.  Excellent, practical and fun. Ideal way to learn."   …   Dwayne Steep, Partner, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

"Great.  A very informative day that has already helped me clarify my thoughts on a serious issue."
…  Rad Cameron, Life Balance Consultant

"I came back DARING to dream!"…    Boon Yong, Young Entrepreneurs Organisation - Malaysia

"I felt it was the key I had been looking for to unlock unlimited potential and I can see many uses to put it to.  Can't wait!"  …    Brian Varney, GSO

"Loved it!!  It was fantastic and I can really see how I can apply it in both my professional and personal lives.  As a lawyer I need tools and techniques to remember complex data and information, I need planning techniques and keeping things fun and interesting.  Your course did that for me." 
…   Pet-Gai McLaughlin, GSO

"The whole course was of immense value.  I have read Serious Creativity, however I realise the only way to learn these tools is to do perfect practice.  After this course I have the knowledge and model to do that."           
...   Steve Farrugia, Boral

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