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Australian Public Service

An introductory paper on the state of play of innovation in the Queensland and Australian Public Service. 

In this last blog of the series we quickly look at promoting Creativity & Innovation and Public Service Idea Management Systems.


From the five stage model of public service innovation incorporating idea generation and discovery, idea selection, idea implementation, sustaining ideas, and idea diffusion, we can see that capturing ideas, creativity and creative thinking are central to the innovation process. Thus it is no wonder that many...

Creativity & Innovation – Synergistic Collaborative Structures for Innovation

Formal measurements for public service innovation are still underdeveloped, but the evidence from private industry is very compelling with respect to its benefits. At least 65 per cent of Australian economic growth over the last four decades is attributable to multifactor productivity, which in turn is a direct effect of innovation. So innovation, as intangible as it can sometimes seem, is a very real...

In this third blog in our series we want to look at what is being said the barriers to innovation, particularly in the Australian public sector.  Examining public service innovation allows us to look at applying creativity in environments that are used to preserving the status quo in terms of culture, processes and general practice.


Process and Drivers for Public Service Innovation

In this second blog on Australia & Queensland Public Service Innovation we are looking at what current papers say about the process and drivers for innovation.  As we look at different sources we find a common view that says public service innovation is said to occur in five major stages: 

  • ...

The Business Improvement in Government (BIIG) Network is a vibrant and well established interagency network within the Queensland Government.

The network is sponsored by the core Qld Government departments and is empowered and entrusted to deliver innovative and value for money opportunities for public sector employees.
The annual public sector conference is the BIIG Network’s signature event, and the 2010 conference on April 15-16 will mark its 7th year.

BIIG supports...

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