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Corporate Facilitation

Reducing_Costs Last Thursday and Friday I was facilitating five 45-minute idea generation sessions for a major retailer who had brought together more than 300 store managers and buyers for two days in Melbourne.  The Overall Focus for these sessions was reducing the cost of doing business, and...

BrainstormingWhy is it that we often get our best ideas when in the shower, at the gym or walking the dog?

It is because we

are allowing our brain to wander and daydream. It is important to give your brain time to relax, meditate, chill out or just settle, petal.

I have also heard that the ions in the water...

Imagineering Need an idea? Take a nap!

I’ve always been a visual person, which is why I like the creative thinking skill of Imagineering – imagine what might be and engineer it into reality.

So when a Byte Stories email arrived telling me a competition for best liked stories ended in 48 hours, I knew I had to take action....


Have you ever wondered why people you work with resist change, particularly any sort of unique or innovative change?  Well it may come down to what we call the QWERTY Mentality.

QWERTY Keyboard

This comparison of how many people think, to the common QWERTY...

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