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critical thinking

Tools and methods to inspire creativity and generate solutions to real problems.


This fast paced half-day introductory course looks at Critical Thinking and Creativity as two sides of Deliberate Creative Thinking to enable creative problem solving, innovation, and the development of winning new ideas.

By examining a range of simple tools that...


Leadership Framework for Deliberate Thinking

One of the challenges faced by organisations adopting deliberate thinking to help promote innovation is connecting new...

Critical Thinking & Decision Making

by Bill Jarrard, Mindwerx International

Critical Thinking is defined by the...



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The conference programme is shaping up to be varied and exciting.  Confirmed speakers include:

  • Edward de Bono (Malta)
  • Diane Halpern (US)
  • Gavriel Salomon (Israel)
  • David Perkins (US)
  • Bob Swartz (US)
  • Art Costa (US)
  • Karin Morrison (Australia)
  • Guy Claxton (UK)
  • ...

W Edwards Deming - 14 Points


Parallel Thinking using tools such as de Bono's Six Thinking Hats® is an easy and powerful method that changes the way people think. It promotes the kind of innovative thinking and creative problem-solving that is vital to success in today's changing world.

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COURSE OUTLINE  - The Power of Parallel Thinking

Six Thinking Hats® and other great tools to foster creative collaboration


The National Center for Teaching Thinking Announces Its 2010 February seminars on Thinking-Based Learning

The National Center for Teaching Thinking has now listed its February Seminars, to be held during the weeks of the 12th of February and the 17th of February. The first of these seminars is on classroom techniques used in teaching lessons that infuse instruction in thinking skills into content...

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