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david Hill

 Rebuilding Downtown Manhattan Mind Map. Our friend David Hill in New York just told us the Mind Map he created of all the parties involved in Rebuilding Downtown Manhattan is now a museum piece.  Here's what they're saying:


Here is a good news story - David Hill is a keen Mind Mapper and one of the organisers of the USA Memory Championships. Congrats to David and the Team for helping those whose mind and body are a bit fuzzy from MS. 

"Con Edison team members scaled 66 flights of stairs to reach the top of 30 Rockefeller Plaza on Sunday, February 28 in the “Climb to the Top” multiple sclerosis fundraiser event. Monies raised help fund MS...

Here is an example of how to use MInd Maps to update the family and freind on what is happening

read the blog post for more information

Merry Christmas !! Hope you have a lovely day planned with loved ones and take a well deserved break - Unless you are cooking for 28 people etc.


Opening up the stack of Christmas cards was fun and reading what people are up to is a good way to catch up on what has been hapenning with friends and collegues.


Of course there are two ways to write - the linear letter and the radiant Mind Map.


Here is an example of how you could Mind...

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