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Computer Enhanced Thinking and Advanced Mind Mapping

Brain Friendly technologies to help you think, learn and create.  With the adoption of Deliberate Creative Thinking skills advancing at an increasing rate Mindwerx is always looking for new ways to enhance thinking with technology.  We are therefore delighted to present this program on Computer Enhanced...

Was just flipping through articles I use in our Speed Reading Workshop (aka Managing Information Overload) and thought these tips worthwhile sharing.

  • Do not let your first task of the day be to check your e-mail. Look at your calendar first to prepare for the day’s events.
  • Allocate specific times of the day to read e-mail, rather than doing it randomly.
  • “Only handle an e-mail once,” says IBM Australia’s Chief Executive, Philip Bullock. “When you open it, decide on...

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* Are you frustrated by constant e-mail interruptions while trying to get important work done?
* Do you often feel overwhelmed by the volume of new information & inputs you handle each day?
* Do you wish you could be more focused, productive & get more done?

Whatever level you’re at, you have probably...

Here 9 ways to Master Your inbox from CC Holland

Is e-mail driving you mad? Much as we love the ease and effectiveness of electronic communications, your inbox can often be overwhelming.

As a Web worker, I’m especially prone to feeling buried by my e-mail. But I’ve come up with 9 ways to keep my inbox at bay. Try them and see if they work for you.

1. Don’t check (or answer) your e-mail first...

GRRRRRR.    Do you often feel that you:

  • Receive too many e-mails every day?
  • Are checking your in-box for new e-mails all day long?
  • Have difficulty deciding which e-mails are critical and which are non-critical?
  • Would like to understand how to handle e-mail more effectively?
  • Would like to be able to keep your
    in-box empty?

The Challenge of E-mail Overload
The dissemination and sharing of...

Speed Reading It's a well known fact that many of the most successful people in the world are highly effective readers, that is, they read strategically. 

"President John F. Kennedy is perhaps the most_famous speed reader. This is because he emphasised his intelligence and mental capacity during his campaigns and...

Wow!  we have convinced Steuart Snooks, a leading expert in email management, to host his special interest group on


Check out "Tame the Email Tiger" , become a member and receive heaps of hints and tips on how to tame your InBox!

What are the Top 7 Tips for Business Success by Leading Business Advisors?


Seven of us have teamed up to create a complimentary TipBook to give you some simple and effective tips and tools to improve your business. You will find that...

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