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How to Mind Map

"I am trying to make the branches from my central image (sea container) come from behind the container and appear to be touching the container. To achieve this I need to remove the container from its background so that the central image is only the container, without the surrounding white background.


Jennifer suggested using a free programme called 'PAINT.NET'. This is a windows programme and not accessible using a Macintosh. I had a friend use 'Photoshop' to cut out...

Had an interesting discussion with Tony Buzan on how you treat ACRONYMS in Mind Maps


In the Laws of Mind Mapping (On the How to Mind Map Pad)  click here to see it  that I created last year had a sub branch BOI then "Basic Ordering Ideas" on one line (see 11o'clock on the Mind Map)


Tony challenged me on it saying that it could be "Basic" then from that "Ideas","Sections" and a couple of other sub branches.


Information Management with higher concentration, more creativity, better recall. more self confidence in less time… This course is for everyone, regardless of their level of education and/or experience, who wants to increase their learning potential, memory, note taking, creative thinking, and self confidence in the area of Information Management. . Professionals are bombarded with information; information that doesn’t always arrive in an ideal format. Nevertheless, they are supposed to deal...
LEARN Mind Mapping from the inventor, Tony Buzan. This unique course is an insightful and up-to-the minute look at this powerful tool for unlocking the 'hidden' creativity of the mind. DISCOVER how to get the most out of Mind Maps®, referencing the latest research into the workings of the Brain, PLUS, uncover the power of the innovation new Mind Mapping software iMindMap™ - a brilliant method of presenting big ideas and strategies to any audience. IMPROVE your memory and powers of recall,...

The A-Z of the Uses and Benefits of Business Mapping by the team at Illumine in the UK

This guide was originally created for "Learning at Work" Day. It is a quick overview of some of the uses and benefits of Mind Mapping in Business. 

Appraisals – Business Maps are the easy way to prepare an appraisal on one page.


What is one tool that I can use to think about the following business issues?

1 Business analysis and consulting
2 Capturing company knowledge
3 Collaboration
4 Decision making
5 Event planning
6 Human Resources
7 Management
8 Marketing
9 Meetings
10 Negotiation
11 Planning
12 Presentations
13 Project management
14 Seminars
15 Training
16 Web sites
17 Brainstorming
18 creative thinking

A Mind Map I made several years ago. Still looks good. Forgot the software I used then. I like the new iMindMap though:)

Just got an eLetter from our friend Harry Vardis, coordinator of the Atlanta Creativity Exchange 2010, which featured an article by another friend Dawn DePasquale, which I just had to recreate here, as I couldn't find a direct link to it.  For more info on the ACE 2010 go to, but now hear what Dawn had to say.

Here is a summary mind map of a monthly networking group I went to last night

I left my bag in the car that had my different coloured pens and only had the Sofitel Hotel's black pen


With Tony Buzan’s visit to Australia in May, the Buzan Centre: Aust/NZ is launching a new Buzan Licensed Instructor (BLI) Program for 2009.

Based on popular demand, the Brain Camp is Back! Keeping your travel costs to a minimum.

Now simpler and more value than ever, the BLI Program is open to keen Mind Mappers who want to teach others to Unleash their Genius.

Participants may be teachers, consultants, trainers, coaches, in-house and professional trainers or...

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