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language learning

In fact, all neuroscientists are recommending that you learn new things in order to age-proof your brain.

There are 3 key things you can do :-

1. Give your brain strong mental tasks - like start your PhD. at 50, learn a new language at 60. It needs to be something challenging - not just sudoko - because our brains are lazy and want to get away with not working  if they can.

2. Physical Exercise – We have all seen...

Collins Language Revolution has a web site that you can register for language lessons on line.  It also has some great Mind Maps that you can download...

"Language learning is often hampered by a one-size-fits-all approach, usually involving a lot of memorisation by repetition. This course recognises that different people learn best in different ways. Some of us think in words whereas others process information better as pictures. Collins Language Revolution harnesses the...

Having read Doidge's book the Brain that Changes itself I could not resist Buzan's "Age-Proof Your Brain" which I am part way through. It seems common ground that doing new things keeps the brain operating and so I decided to learn Japanese and bought an interactive package on the internet which I have downloaded onto my i-phone and play it when ever in my car. However I am finding it immensely difficult to handle the task. Any hints how Buzan methods might help. John

Mind Map developed to help learn Spanish

Key headings in the Mind Map include Verbs, grammar, conjugation

Mind Map to help learn German

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