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Saturday, 11 Oct 2008: 9.30-4.30


This one-day program continues the learning journey into Memory Training, which commenced in the Buzan Study Skills Workshop and continued in the ...

We are curenlty beavering away developing great hints and tips to help you (or your kids) with effective studying.

Help us out by clicking on the reply button below to let us know what problems you have or what you would like to know about successuful studies and we will answer it

The process described in the 3rd secret was pretty simple, wasn’t it? The really challenging part for Mel though will be not to give up when there isn’t instantaneous success. In fact, this is where we as teachers and facilitators of learning really come into our own.

Explain to Mel that in the early stages it is very usual and very common for the person to catch themselves after they have responded in their habitual way to the...

The ability to study and learn is without doubt the most important skill you can have, and yet it is amazing how few people understand even the basics of good study.

High School and University students are acutely aware of the pressure to study, mostly just to pass exams, but few have more than rudimentary skills to do so.  And most adults believe when they leave school the pressure to learn is off, but again nothing could be further from the truth....

Hi all! I have recently been reassigned to a functional living skills, SPED classroom. I'm beginning to work the basics with this population using mind maps. I have to go back to the beginning.. reteaching capital letters, using colors, writing clearly etc.. I'm interested in hearing from others their experiences in working with this population. I'm also looking for some of the newer brain-based research that may correlate with my students. Would prefer not to use technology in the...

Key things to remember Mind Map

Core elements of Mind Map include:

= authenticity of your objectives
- the measure of your clarity
- the degree of...


This Mind Map summarises a talk by Peter Senge at the International Thinking conference in Auckland, NZ 2001.
It explores Knowledge and the relationship to learning and associated...

Organisational Learning V2.jpg

A Mind map by Geoff Mclean on the relationship between learning and Organization

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