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Memory & Memorability book now Memory & Memorability - the key to making a lasting impression and succeeding with others

Did you know that:

  • Memory is a skill that can be taught
  • Memory naturally is designed to improve with age
  • The misconception of its decline with age is false
  • Everyone...

Having just run a BLI Success workshop in New Zealand, I reflected on some of the things we looked at in the workshop - particularly the skills needed to be a successful BLI, including:

   - Being a great Mind Mapper who constantly uses and improves their own Mind Maps

   - Being a great trainer, teacher,...

Each year at this time we and many other smaller businesses take time to think about the year ahead and how we might be more successful.  Okay I know we should have started months ago, but we were busy then (ever used that excuse yourself) and at least we are doing something now.


This Mind Map was a brainstorm of entrepreneurs at Mal Emery's Platinum group on "Marketing ideas to expose my business" with Jennifer goddard as the scribe

key elements of Mind Map summary...

Mind Map summary of workshop with Adam Davis on how google adwords work
core elements of the Mind Map include:

Why use google adwords?
- Targeting - full, keyword, language,...

What is one tool that I can use to think about the following business issues?

1 Business analysis and consulting
2 Capturing company knowledge
3 Collaboration
4 Decision making
5 Event planning
6 Human Resources
7 Management
8 Marketing
9 Meetings
10 Negotiation
11 Planning
12 Presentations
13 Project management
14 Seminars
15 Training
16 Web sites
17 Brainstorming
18 creative thinking

Our friend Cyriel Kortleven from New Shoes Today in Belgium and The Netherlands is coming to Australia again in early 2010, and we have persuaded him to put on a couple of his unique workshops - A Spoonful of Sparkles and Time to NOW!

When last Cyriel was here we had him present to about 50 people at a CEN meeting, and he made some lasting friendships there, so I know those who met him will be delighted he is...

Love TV, but hate the commercials? I do. Last night watching one of my favourite shows I was frustrated with the commercials, which these days are definitely louder both in decibels and the actors yelling at you.  Last night after about 5 occurrences of this guy yelling at me to buy BAM the super cleaner, I was fed-up.  Sure with digital TV I can scan other channels to see what else is on or go and get another beer, but once a commercial starts it’s hard to get the aggravation of...

The other day I spotted a very clever post card created to promote the Vodafone Australia Foundation.  The card is labelled Become a Living Donor, and it asks you to enter your name and tick all the boxes of things you're willing to donate.  These include Feet, Bones, Teeth, Torso, Nose, Vision, but also Compassion, Inner Strength, Persistence, Conscience, Generosity and Soul.


An unusual donation card for sure.  But the punch line, was 'You need to give...

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