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Memory Championships

In a field of over 40 people, Ben Pridmore is the World Memory Champion for the second time.


Thanks to all the competitors and my fabulous group of Arbitors for making it a memorable event! Also thanks to Phil Chambers, Chris Day, Dominic O'Brien and Tony Buzan for making my job easier.


Check out a previous blog post to see what is...

Australian Memory Championships versus the AFL Grand Final
Two Great Competitions on One Weekend

Wow, what an event it was! Throngs of people turned out to watch real champions do what they do best. The competition was tight right from the start, with the lead changing quickly and rapidly in the opening rounds. It is fair to say that everyone was...

As Britain’s physical athletes clock up record hauls of gold medals in Beijing, our mental athletes have been seeking to make their own mark in London in the UK Open Memory Championships at Simpsons in the Strand over the weekend of August 16 and 17.

Ben Pridmore won the UK memory championship for 2008 in a dominating performance. In achieving this feat Pridmore has soared to the number one slot in the World Memory Rankings officially sanctioned by the World Memory Sports...

Congratulations to Jennifer Goddard for becoming the first Senior Arbitor at the World Memory Championships.

Here is an extract from the email ....

From: secretary[at]worldmemorychampionships[dot]com
Sent: Wednesday, 16 July 2008 12:30 AM
To: 'Jennifer Goddard';
Subject: World Memory Sports Council

Hi Jennifer,

Yesterday there was a meeting of the WMSC full Council chaired by...

Why do millions watch 22 people run around chasing after a little white ball in order to kick it into a net?

Find out what the fascination with soccer and memory competitions have in common in an interview with Tony Buzan


I am off to Bangkok next week to convene the Thailand Memory...

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