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memory techniques

Did you know that (according to Wikipedia) the major system is over 300 years old and was introduced by Stanislaus Mink von Wennsshein and later developed by many others with many variations.


In 1730 ...

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With the massive increase in information availability, and with it bombarding us every...

For those who know the secret memory techniques - well not so secret
If you use Association, Location, and Imagination (think of mohamed ALI) strategically you can easily remember a long credit card number or shopping list of words

Here are two files that you can use to generate random numbers and words - very handy for those getting ready for a national or world memory championships.


Just came across an old posting by Ben Pridmore, the current World Memory Champion, that I had saved on my computer and thought I would share it with you in lead up to the World Memory Championships in China

Hi Alberto

My techniques aren't a secret, I'm quite happy to share them with
anyone who's...

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