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Mind Mapping

A Mind Map of the Laws of Mind Mapping. Please take a close look to see if your Mind Maps comply with these basic principles.

You can order a How to Mind Map booklet with this Mind Map on...

Invented by Tony Buzan Mind Maps® are now used by an estimated 500 million people worldwide (leaving lots more to be trained), and have been described as the Swiss Army Knife for the Brain. Since forming in 2001 the Buzan Centre has run more than 25 BLI accreditation programs, in Australia and overseas and licensed hundreds of passionate Mind Mapping instructors (BLIs) in a wide array of industries.

The BLI accreditation process involves a pre-workshop study of Mind Mapping, a four-...


Managing Information Overload
Maximise your capacity to absorb new information and sustain high performance!


Bill Jarrard & Jennifer Goddard, Mindwerx...


The ThinkBuzan Training Centre is running a number of programs

  • ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Pathway,
    - Dubai 6th – 9th March 2011 (Jennifer will be presenting)
  • iMindMap Leader Workshop
  • iMindMap Advanced Instructor
  • Advanced Creativity and Innovation Workshop
  • Applying the Innovation Toolset
  • Mind Mapping One-Day Worksho
  • Memory...


Developed by Tony Buzan, a master in understanding how the mind works, the Mind Map® has been called the Swiss Army Knife for the Brain.  The Mind Map is one of the most empowering and useful tools in the Deliberate Creative Thinking arsenal, now used by an estimated 250 million people around the world.  Tapping into the way brain actually works, Mind Mapping® allows ideas to radiate from a central focus...

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