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Mind Mapping Software

This special interest group is to help users of MindGenius Software developed by GAEL in Scotland.

Check out the sample video in BuzzAcademy  to see MindGenius in Action.


Please add any hints, tips or questions on how to use the software.

Thinking withTechnology In recent facilitations I’ve been doing with clients, I have again been able to reflect on the power of team collaboration, and how when we bring the right talent together and apply critical thinking principles to their task – the outcomes are...

iMindMap 5 and iMindMap Online are coming

This is Fantastic News just released. iMindMap 5 and iMindMap Online are coming in February 2011, and anyone that buys iMindMap 4 before February 14 will get a Free Upgrade to iMindMap 5 and 3 months Free access to iMindMap Online.

iMindMap is already the best true Mind Mapping software and is the official software deveoped and...

 In Bill Gates' article, “The Road Ahead: How ‘intelligent agents’ are taking our information democracy to the next stage.”  that appeared in Newsweek 19 Dec 2005,

Most of us now live in an ‘information democracy… But while we’ve gone a long way towards optimizing how we use information, we haven’t yet done the same for knowledge‘mind-mapping’ software can also be used as a digital  ‘blank slate’ to help...

Chuck Frey has being doing some great research in preparing his Mind Mapping Manifesto and has 10 reasons why mind mapping software should be the foundation of your personal productivity system

1. It’s unbelievably flexible.
2. It can make you more productive.
3. It can help you become a better creative problem solver.
4. It helps you to identify gaps in your information.
5. It gives you a powerful set of tools to think about your thinking.
6. You can...

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