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Heather Berlin, Harold Blum, Natasha Chriss, Margaret Gilmore, Edward Nersessian,

Leo Rangell, and Nellie Thompson


When: Saturday, February 12, 2011


14th Annual USA Memory championship

Come compete or spectate in the "Olympics of the Mind"!
Can’t remember where you parked the car or what you had for dinner last night? 

Try remembering a shuffled deck of cards or put 99 names to faces you’ve only seen for a few minutes - it can be done. 

The “mental athletes” competing in the 14thAnnual U.S.A. Memory Championship have been training for...

leonardo da vinci’s workshop 

world premiere exhibit opening november 20, 2009...

Have you drawn a Mind Map today?? You can do them anytime and nearly any place.


Here is a quick Mind Map summary of our time in New York this week.


Drawn on a restaurant table made of slate, they supplied the chalk and we did the rest!!



After taking a photo, I quickly loaded it up to the MindExchange (

and shared an idea on how to use Mind Maps, such as:-

"A good...

As a BLI you may think you have drawn so many Mind Maps in the past that you haven't done one for a while just for fun! Here is an example of a Mind Map Bill, Kylie and I did while waiting for our food to come in a restauarant in New York this week.


The table is made from Slate and the staff at the Olive Tree supply the chalk - we just supplied the idea to have some fun.


After taking a photo, I quickly loaded it up to the MindExchange (...

To survive in turbulent times, you need the best thinking strategy you can find. You need Productive Thinking.

Productive Thinking Fundamentals (1/2-Day)
$450 includes materials and refreshments
Toronto June 9 @ Verity, 111d Queen St E
New York July 17 @ 441 W 26 St

About The APAP Conference NYC 2009

The APAP Conference NYC 2009, produced by the Association of Performing Arts Presenters, is the largest gathering of performing arts influencers, presenters, decision-makers, managers, and artists in the world - a grand extravaganza of exhibits, meetings, workshops, performance showcases, networking opportunities, amazing ideas, astonishing things to see and hear, and unparalleled fellowship and collegiality. APAP members know about the power of live...

Concerts Sweden at APAP Conference NYC 9-13 Jan 2009

Following our success at APAP 2008 - with the pianist Niklas Sivelöv, the classical guitar duo...


New York, NY - October
Spend two and a half days with some of the world's leading
neuroscientists and leadership experts, and explore new paradigms for developing
today's and tomorrow's leaders.
For more information:

52nd International Humor Program

Dates have been announced for the HUMOR Project's 52nd international conference on "The Positive Power of Humor and Creativity." This world-class program will take place on June 20-22, 2008 at the Silver Bay Conference Center on majestic Lake George in upstate New York. For more information, see www....

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