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By Bill Jarrard, Mindwerx International

August 2012


In recent months we’ve had an increasing number of requests from clients to facilitate strategic thinking sessions for...

Was just flipping through articles I use in our Speed Reading Workshop (aka Managing Information Overload) and thought these tips worthwhile sharing.

  • Do not let your first task of the day be to check your e-mail. Look at your calendar first to prepare for the day’s events.
  • Allocate specific times of the day to read e-mail, rather than doing it randomly.
  • “Only handle an e-mail once,” says IBM Australia’s Chief Executive, Philip Bullock. “When you open it, decide on...

Here 9 ways to Master Your inbox from CC Holland

Is e-mail driving you mad? Much as we love the ease and effectiveness of electronic communications, your inbox can often be overwhelming.

As a Web worker, I’m especially prone to feeling buried by my e-mail. But I’ve come up with 9 ways to keep my inbox at bay. Try them and see if they work for you.

1. Don’t check (or answer) your e-mail first...

GRRRRRR.    Do you often feel that you:

  • Receive too many e-mails every day?
  • Are checking your in-box for new e-mails all day long?
  • Have difficulty deciding which e-mails are critical and which are non-critical?
  • Would like to understand how to handle e-mail more effectively?
  • Would like to be able to keep your
    in-box empty?

The Challenge of E-mail Overload
The dissemination and sharing of...

As Guest Columnist for the National Business Review, Wayne Goodley, Director of Herrmann New Zealand explains how better thinking can boost productivity.


The key to addressing the problem of slow growth is to put people at the centre.


To reach others and to lift productivity, business leaders need to :

- Recognise individuals in ways that matter to them

- Reflect individual values

- Place more emphasis on...

watch this video to get a feel on how to use MindGenius and get your To do list organised

Beyond the boom: Australia's productivity imperative

Labour Productivity Down The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) report Beyond the boom: Australia’s productivity imperative finds that “one-off” factors—including favourable terms of trade and an...

Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Glen Stevens has stirred the Productivity pot. 

Reserve Bank of Australia Over the last few days The Financial Review has been reporting on Stevens comments, which included that when Government...

Wow!  we have convinced Steuart Snooks, a leading expert in email management, to host his special interest group on


Check out "Tame the Email Tiger" , become a member and receive heaps of hints and tips on how to tame your InBox!

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