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Move beyond Speed Reading to Managing Information Overload.  Can you read 1000 words a minute? With the information glut you face daily, reading 1000 words a minute with full comprehension has become a necessary business skill. Speed and Range Reading techniques allow you to better manage information, enabling you to keep one step ahead.

I was just reviewing a handout that I give at our Speed Reading workshops (I prefer to call them Range and Rapid Reading as it is not just about fast/speed) and thought I would add a few tips to the group.

The following key actions and exercises will help increase your speed and ability to manage information overload. These hints and tips come from "The Speed Reading Book" by Tony Buzan and “The Buzan Study Skills Hand...

Reading is usually described as
“Getting from a book what the author intended”
“Assimilating from the written word”

There are actually 7 components in reading ...

  1. Recognition of alphabetic symbols
  2. Assimilation -Physical process by which light is reflected from the word, received by the eye and transmitted to the brain via the optic nerve.
  3. Comprehension (Intra-Integration) Linking together...

Buzan Licensed Instructor - Speed Reading


Here is an interesting interview with Tony Buzan on Speed Reading that appeared in

"Learn the secrets of speed reading and rattle through your books at a much smarter pace, says Tony Buzan

Imagine you are reading a book, and you want to understand it as well as you can. Would you try to read slowly and thoroughly?...

While on a recent drive to see friends, I was thinking about the skills I had just covered at the BLI course (Advanvced) and pondering what drills I can do while I am out and about in the car, currently a lot of my day.

I thought about the task in the Speed Reading book where you cover/uncover a number quickly and try to recall the number. This became the basis of my new car game.

Speed Reading Drill while driving




: Tony Buzan's Speed Reading Course
      "You will discover powerful techniques that can increase your reading speed up to ten fold, without compromising understanding"
What: Lecture
Start Time: 09 December at 09:00
End Time: 09 December at 17:00
Where: Henley Business School, Henley-on-Thames, UK

Learn to read at a range of speeds appropriate to the material from slow appreciation of poetry to rapid assimilation of a report

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