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speed reading

Want to be more successful and innovative? Here are seven essential elements you need to develop

1. Imagineering - visualise the future and engineer it into reality

2. Focus - identify pathways to problem solving success

3. Cre8ive Ideation - generate new and useful ideas

4. Mind Mapping - radiantly organise thoughts to enhance creativity (cre8ivity)

5. Speed Reading - scan...

Event Time: Sunday, 7 September 2008 - 9:00am - 7:00pm Europe/Istanbul

Have you ever said "I wish I was taught that in school!"?


With busy curriculums and large class sizes, teachers just don't have time to keep up with and teach Study Skills.
We have created a dedicated Study Skills group that will develop into a very valuable resource for you.

Why not give your kids 6 hours of specialist training with one of our amazing Buzan Licensed Instructors.

Speed Reading V2.png

A Computer generated Mind Map on the disciplines of Speed reading

This Mind Map is based on the fundamentals of Speed reading - How to Speed read, how we can read faster, Retention of what we have read, grouping key words, move forward only

Mind Map summary of Developing Family Genius by Tony Buzan (DVD)

Summary of Tony Buzan Workshop

BOST- Buzan Organic Study Technique.png

Summary of the Buzan Organic Study Technique - formerly the Mind Map Organic Study Technique developed by Tony Buzan

A couple of years ago on a flight, Tony Buzan and I were duelling with puzzles. He stumped me when he asked me what a 'ghoti' was.


Apparently, George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) was reportedly fond of pointing out the absurdities of spelling by proving that ‘fish’ could be spelt ‘ghoti’. That is: ‘gh’ as in ‘rough’, ‘o’ as in ‘women’ and ‘ti’ as in palatial.


I came across this puzzle again when I picked up the new edition of "The Reading Bug... and how to...

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