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time management

TGIF Years ago when I actually worked for a living, (I like telling people I’m not a consultant, I’ve just been  successfully unemployed for 23 years), I always enjoyed joining other people in the lift around quitting time. 

As I entered a crowded elevator I’d say something like ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ and...

Our friend Cyriel Kortleven from New Shoes Today in Belgium and The Netherlands is coming to Australia again in early 2010, and we have persuaded him to put on a couple of his unique workshops - A Spoonful of Sparkles and Time to NOW!

When last Cyriel was here we had him present to about 50 people at a CEN meeting, and he made some lasting friendships there, so I know those who met him will be delighted he is...

This picture appeared in Time Magazine and shows a Mind Map just above Al Gore's head. In the Article he said that he uses Mind Maps and large Post-it notes to keep on top of everything

Chuck Frey has being doing some great research in preparing his Mind Mapping Manifesto and has 10 reasons why mind mapping software should be the foundation of your personal productivity system

1. It’s unbelievably flexible.
2. It can make you more productive.
3. It can help you become a better creative problem solver.
4. It helps you to identify gaps in your information.
5. It gives you a powerful set of tools to think about your thinking.
6. You can...

What are the Top 7 Tips for Business Success by Leading Business Advisors?


Seven of us have teamed up to create a complimentary TipBook to give you some simple and effective tips and tools to improve your business. You will find that...

Jens Diary page 4.jpg

Hi, this Mind map is an example of a To Do List with the 24 hour time management - a day in the life of Jennifer.


Jennifer is an early riser and starts her day of with a Brisk 45...

Jens Diary page 3.jpg

Example of day to day application of Mind Maps. Uses the 24 hour clock to plan the day (see the Mind Map Book by Tony Buzan for more details) and white space to scribble notes.

Jens Diary page 2.jpg

A day in the life of the Author in this map Jennifer is planning what she has to do one Tuesday back in 2001

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