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For those who know the secret memory techniques - well not so secret
If you use Association, Location, and Imagination (think of mohamed ALI) strategically you can easily remember a long credit card number or shopping list of words

Here are two files that you can use to generate random numbers and words - very handy for those getting ready for a national or world memory championships.


Just came across an old posting by Ben Pridmore, the current World Memory Champion, that I had saved on my computer and thought I would share it with you in lead up to the World Memory Championships in China

Hi Alberto

My techniques aren't a secret, I'm quite happy to share them with
anyone who's...

This fantastic group where volunteers of 2008 World Memory Championships in Bahrain

For those volunteering at this year's event and those interested in what goes on behind the scenes at the World memory Championships...thought we would share this agenda/overview

More volunteers welcome!! Particularly if you can read German or Chinese


Dear volunteers,

Thank you for your support for the World Memory Championships....

In a field of over 40 people, Ben Pridmore is the World Memory Champion for the second time.


Thanks to all the competitors and my fabulous group of Arbitors for making it a memorable event! Also thanks to Phil Chambers, Chris Day, Dominic O'Brien and Tony Buzan for making my job easier.


Check out a previous blog post to see what is...

Congratulations to Jennifer Goddard for becoming the first Senior Arbitor at the World Memory Championships.

Here is an extract from the email ....

From: secretary[at]worldmemorychampionships[dot]com
Sent: Wednesday, 16 July 2008 12:30 AM
To: 'Jennifer Goddard';
Subject: World Memory Sports Council

Hi Jennifer,

Yesterday there was a meeting of the WMSC full Council chaired by...

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