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Zing Team Collaboration

Facilitation with Zing

  Zing Team Collaboration - Portable Wireless Team Meeting Systems

Zing Portable team meeting systems are designed for real-time meetings anywhere. Utilising wireless keyboards, participants enter their thoughts on any topic enabling shared understanding, creativity and innovation. We facilitate a variety of sessions including ...

Business - Strategy, problem solving, innovation, cultural change, project management, process innovation, requirements gathering, training and knowledge management.

Events - Conference plenary and break-out sessions, seminars, workshops and retreats. Send the team home with thinking all captured in a document. 

Education - Whole classrooms or small group work from K-12, teacher professional development, university and college tutorials, business syndicate meetings.

The software can be used face-to-face, across the internet, or both at the same time. Images and documents can be attached to questions. Meetings can be created, saved and re-used in seconds. Popular thinking or decision methods are available via a template editor. Vote tools including Yes-No, XY, Weight, Rank and Scale are available to test the mood of the meeting.

See Zing in Action - Watch the video - Download the sample reports

What People Say

  • Wow, no wires!
  • You see what everyone has to say at the same time
  • It's like watching everyone's minds work.
  • We feel more connected to each other.
  • The quieter people finally get their say!
  • It's a chat room on steroids.
  • The best ideas are adopted

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View a 14 minute digital presentation on Deliberate Creative Thinking and Zing in Action.