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Imagineering: The Power of Visualization (and Action)

I’ll only believe it when I see it!  You’ll only see it when you believe it!  

Which one is correct? Are they both correct? If so, which comes first?  These are tough questions, and perhaps they lie at the heart of real success, and real innovation, and whether we can achieve it or not. 

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A Fifth Stage of Learning to make Innovation happen

A Fifth Stage of Learning to make Innovation happen Learning and Development specialists know, and most managers will be familiar with, the Four Stages of Learning, also referred to as the Four Stages of Competence…

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Measuring and Managing for Innovation

Measuring Innovation The Mindwerx 2015 Innovation Survey identified a number of concerns and questions in relation to making Innovation happen, with a BIG one being ‘how to measure Innovation’.  We’re working on an in-depth paper on this as part of our book coming out later in the year, but we wanted to make some comments on this now. 

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The Exponential Shift: Making Transformation Happen. Ci2016 Creative Universe Asia Pacific conference, Melbourne, Nov 2016

Mindwerx is again pleased to be an Endorsing Partner for the Ci2016 Creative Universe Asia Pacific conference in Melbourne in November 2016.

The theme for this year’s conference is The Exponential Shift: Making Transformation Happen. 

Conference premise:

The innovator’s clock is accelerating, meaning leaders today have to confront change of unprecedented ferocity and impact.

This poses an existential challenge to many organizations, who cannot survive, let alone thrive, simply by executing more efficiently and effectively.

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Could finding your Doppelgänger help Imagineer Your Future?

As anyone who has ever caught a glimpse or seen a photo of a stranger who looks just like them will know, finding one’s doppelgänger can be an unsettling experience. But for creative leaders and innovative organisations, the concept of doppelgängers might be a useful tool to achieving desired results.

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The Power of ‘Why’ in Strategic Thinking

Disruptive technology. 
Changing government policy.
New market trends.
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Mindwerx Innovation Survey 2015 - Results

Mindwerx_Innovation_Survey_2015 Our latest Innovation Survey has revealed some interesting, although not always surprising, results about the state of innovation in organizations today. 

For example in response to the question:

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Books That Inspire Action

‘Do what you love to do, that is where your success lies. When you do what you love you will put in the hours it takes to become successful.’

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Five Speed Reading Tips to help Manage Information Overload

It's well-known that many of the most successful people in the world are highly effective readers, that is, they read strategically with a clear purpose and focus. 

"President John F. Kennedy is perhaps the most famous speed reader. This is because he emphasised his intelligence and mental capacity during his campaigns and made it publically known that, having been a normal reader whose speed was approximately 284 words per minute, he had studied speed reading.

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Innovation Capability or Capability and Innovation?

I was recently reminded of a workshop I did with one of my clients in Brisbane a while ago now. It was with the Human Resources section and we dedicated a couple of hours to exploring how they could Champion Innovation across the organization. 

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